The Best Period Subscription Boxes, Period! (2022)

Each month, women around the world spend a handful of days dealing with tampons, menstrual cups, period underwear and more. They squeeze in trips to the store to stock up on period products to get through the week. While there's no way to skip Aunt Flo's visit (except birth control), there are ways to make her stay a bit more enjoyable.

Curators on the Cratejoy marketplace offer period subscription boxes that make your time of the month easier and overall better. The very first box of period goodies will give you a new idea of what pampering can look like. Just think about it. Since you don't need to head to the store, you can chill at home in your sweatpants and enjoy plenty of self care from the comfort of your couch. Check out some of our best period subscription boxes and see why you need these convenient monthly deliveries showing up on your doorstep.


Rose War Panty Power

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Subscribers to boxes like Blume or Cora who are looking for a change will enjoy this pretty period kit. Rose War Panty Power is filled with a variety of high-quality and natural goodies to make you feel special. Unbox a supply of your choice of organic cotton applicator tampons or panty liners, undies, plenty of pampering, and of course, sugar! Each cruelty-free box is customizable: choose tampons and thongs one month, and pads and briefs the next.


Shark Week Survival Kit

From $27.50 per box
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Ah yes, it's here again––Shark Week, aka that time of the month when Mother Nature blesses you with a few days of guilt-free self care. All funny monikers aside, this week requires extra TLC. Enter Shark Week Survival Kit, a monthly box of period care to help you get through your menstrual cycle. Each monthly box is packed with organic cotton tampons, panty liners, calming essential oils and herbal teas, all handpicked from small, women-owned businesses.


Organic Goddesses

From $55.00 per box
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Reveal your inner genie goddess with a monthly subscription to A Genie's Dream. Similar to businesses like Blume, this box caters to young women experiencing their first period or figuring out how to deal with that time of the month. The PMS package of your dreams, open to find a stash of organic pads and tampons, natural fragrances and beauty products, along with healing crystals to inspire you to embrace your monthly gift.


Sanicle Organic Period Box

From $49.00 per box
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A subscription to the Sanicle Organic Period Box is like having your own little period store delivered right to you. Every product packed inside is guaranteed to be organic, including everything from sanitation products and herbal teas to feel-good lifestyle products and accessories, like comfy, cozy socks. Plus, this small business is committed to doing their part to help end period poverty by passing boxes out to homeless and disadvantaged youth.


Flo | Tampons & Pads

From €7.92 per box
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From the dye-free, 100% natural pads and tampons to the #JustSendChocolate, MyLadyBug is a monthly box that just gets it. Focusing on conveniently and discreetly sending a sufficient monthly supply of period care products direct to your doorstep, along with essential add-ons (think hot chocolate, chocolate and tea to sip alongside chocolate), it's one of the easiest ways to prep for your period.