19 Cool and Awesome Subscription Boxes to Try Now!

Posted by Devonya Batiste

There are plenty of vacations being taken and adventures being had. But when you come home from all of those wonderful things, what’s next? Your subscription box is what’s next!

Even if you are a veteran shopper for boxes, Cratejoy’s vast selection of subscription boxes can be pretty big, so check out this quick and easy list of 19 cool and awesome subscription boxes we picked for you. Make your summer just a little bit sweeter!


1. Betty Boomerang – Starts at $49/bi-monthly

Betty Boomerang

If you think that mid-century designs are perfect for martini parties, then Betty Boomerang is the right fit. This subscription box delivers 4-5 items focused for your retro pad, and there’s also a Don Boomerang with boxes curated for men. Invite people over for a big bash in your Betty Boomerang-themed home – it’ll be real hip!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States


2. SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit – Starts at $37.50/month

Mixology is a fun skill to learn, but it’s also an expensive hobby. Cut your mixing expenses down with the SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit. Each kit has samples and recipes that will provide you with four cocktails.

The small bottles of hard-to-find spirits are the perfect sample size, ultimately saving you money in case they don’t fit your tastes. You should probably start putting a tip jar on your bar top when your friends are over!

Details: Only ships within United States


3. Wigglebutt Box – Starting at $35.00/month

wigglebutt box

Happiness is contagious and there is nothing happier than a dog tearing open a new toy or devouring tasty treats. Let your doggo spread some happiness with the Wigglebutt Box. All of the dog treats contain no corn, soy or wheat, and the box even includes a gift for the caring owner!

With a portion of proceeds from each box sold donated to a deserving animal charity, Wigglebutt Box is pawsitively the best subscription box for your dog.

Details: Only ships within United States
Coupon: Use code WELCOME10 at checkout to get $10 off your 1st box!


4. WODBOM – Starting at $35/month


WODBOM is the perfect monthly reminder of sticking to your workout plan. This subscription box provides you with 3-4 nutritional snacks and 5-6 full-sized premium workout items. Simplify your healthy lifestyle with a subscription to WODBOM — they know exactly what works and what doesn’t with modern health trends.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



5. Merkaela – Starting at $58.00/quarterly

Merkaela Subscription Box

Merkaela is an excellent wellness subscription box to have a clear mind, body and spirit. Every three months you’ll receive a range of holistic vegan products like creamy body butter, earthly-raw soaps, and aromatic teas. For the conscious consumer who wants to feel great every day, Merkaela is an amazing subscription box.

Details: Ships to select countries from United States



6. WurkBench – Starting at $69.99/quarterly

Wurkbench sex toy subscription box

Feel like your relationship is a little mild recently? WurkBench is an excellent subscription box to spice things up discreetly. After you fill out a custom profile, you’ll receive a specially curated box every three months to light your bedroom aflame! Maybe staying inside on the weekends isn’t such a bad idea…

Details: Ships to select countries from United States



7. Pro Wrestling Crate – Starting at $9.95/month

pro wrestling crate

If you could always smell what The Rock was cooking, you’ll love the Pro Wrestling Crate. Pro wrestling fans will receive quality goods including an autographed 8×10, exclusive graphic t-shirts and more. Enjoy the thrilling moments of Pro wrestling with items from Pro Wrestling Crate!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States


8. Accio! – Starting at $39.99/month

Accio subscription box Harry Potter

Besides the Death Eaters and dangerous creatures, living in the wizarding world would be great. Accio! brings you the best of the Potterverse and leaves out the worst. These high quality house-specific items are curated for adult fans of Harry Potter and will practically transform any home into your very own Diagon Alley.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



9. CatLady Box – Starting at $34.99/month

CatLadyBox Cat Lovers Subscription Box

The only reason why cats get away with their shenanigans is because they are so cute. Keeping up with their cuteness is easy when you subscribe to CatLadyBox. This subscription box delivers stylish, fabulous cat-tastic items for cat ladies and their feline friends. If you think cat = life, this is the perfect subscription box for you!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States



10. Terra Bella Box – Starting at $29.95/month

Terra Bella Box is a natural beauty box that is always cruelty free. It includes handmade, natural beauty products that are all chemical free.

Everything you’ll receive from Terra Bella Box was made with love by small, passionate businesses. They offer two different boxes, the original Terra Bella Box, which contains a variety of 3-4 natural bath and beauty products and The Makeup Edit box contains only makeup products, so it’s perfect for anyone who believes that you can always use some new makeup!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States. Ships between the 7th-15th of every month.

11. Surprise Ride – Starting at $20.95/month

Are the kids getting fidgety when they come home from school? Surprise Ride offers pre-planned activities to keep children educationally engaged. While anyone can search for kid activities on the internet, Surprise Ride also provides the materials you need. Keep your children ages 6-11 years old (with adult supervision) learning and happy each month with Surprise Ride!

Details: Ships free only ships within United States



12. The Nocturnal Reader’s Box – Starts at $35/mo.

Nocturnal Reader's Box

The Nocturnal Reader’s Box is perfect if darkness and morbidity is right up your ghostly alley. Every month you’ll open a box full of 6-8 horrifically great items including books and creepy wearable items. We all read down here… And if you subscribe to this box, Georgie, you’ll read too!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



13. PlowBox – Starting at $14.95/month

PlowBox would love to help you be a plant whisperer. This box gives you seasonally-appropriate organic garden seeds, unique gifts, instructions and fun, professional advice. Even if you don’t have an outside garden you can choose their microgreens box for indoor growing. This plant growing box beets all of the others!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



14. Jerky Snob – Starting at $15/month

Jerky Snob

Jerky Snob is the perfect source of protein if you’re doing a lot of hiking, swimming or fishing. All of those outside activities demand energy, and great jerky is hard to find. Jerky Snob purposefully picks healthy artisan jerky that isn’t full of preservatives. Yes, this deal is great, and no, we aren’t jerking your leg!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries



15. The Moon Box – Starting at $45/month

The Moon Box - Witchcraft subscription box

Keep your energies high and your sigils powerful with The Moon Box. Energy flows readily out of this subscription box and delivers to you the best items needed for witchcraft.

Each box is curated specifically for the Present Energies. The Moon Box even includes spells and sigils from their Personal Book of Shadows. Go from Sabrina to Eleanor “Ray” Bone with The Moon Box!

Details: Only ships within United States



16. Sparkle Hustle Grow – Starting at $39.95/month

Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Box Womens

Sparkle Hustle Grow is the definition of #girlpower. Sparkle Hustle Grow delivers chic office supplies, books and even an online course or tutorial every month.

Lastly, you’ll get an all-access pass to their exclusive Facebook community to collaborate with other strong female entrepreneurs. With Sparkle Hustle Grow, you will officially conquer the office!

Details: Only ships within United States



17. WEvolve Box – Starting at $21.95/month

Your chakra feeling a bit stuffy? You should activate and cleanse them with WEvolve Box. This spiritual subscription box provides you with meditation tools such as divine figurines and and talismans.

The WEvolve Box is practically shaking from the vibrations of the healing crystals provided. There are other spiritual boxes on the market but with all of the items included, WEvolve Box is a Buddha deal than the rest.

Details: Only ships within United States



18. The Filthy Mermaid – Starting at $19.99/month

filthy mermaid

Are you luring sailors to Davey Jones’ locker? As you prepare for your next victims of the watery grave, adorn yourself with items from The Filthy Mermaid subscription box! This jewelry and trinkets box delivers 3-4 pieces of Siren Swag every month. The Filthy Mermaid will send every navy boy running (from or to you).

Details: Ships worldwide from United States


Didn’t find the coolest box ever?

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