11 End-of-Year Teacher Gifts for Favorite Teachers

Now that the last day of school is near or here, it’s time to show appreciation for everything your child’s teacher does with a thoughtful gift to mark the end of the school year and make their summer break extra special.

If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it's how hard teachers work. Whether they’re preschool teachers or they teach high school, our tireless educators are tasked with guiding future generations to their best selves — no small task, to be sure! And this past year thanks to the pandemic, teachers have had to work harder than ever. They had to navigate online learning on top of everything else!

But what should you get your teacher as a thank you gift? Gift cards always make appropriate teacher appreciation gifts...but it might be seen as cold or impersonal to give a gift card solo. Instead, pair a gift card with a handwritten thank you note, plus something unique to show a favorite school teacher how much they mean to you and all the kiddos in her classroom.

And while a coffee mug, an apple basket, a tote bag, or a DIY art project are all nice options, they can come off as a bit boring...plus teachers already have those kinds of teacher appreciation gifts in excess. Give them something different that they’ll be able to use and enjoy through the summer and into the back-to-school season ahead.

If you’re looking for the best teacher gifts, keep reading! We’ve listed a few of our favorite teacher appreciation gift ideas below. (This list will also come in handy for holiday gifts and during Teacher Appreciation Week, too.) Whether you're looking to give something sweet just from you and your kiddo or you’re researching an amazing class gift everyone can contribute towards, we have all the thoughtful gift inspiration you need for a great gift right here.

Our Top Teacher Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

1. Succulents Box - Monthly Subscription Box


Why We Love It for Teachers: Teachers help kids grow! That’s what makes this monthly subscription of succulents a truly fitting themed gift for a favorite teacher. And, plants are a beautiful way to improve air quality and add some greenery to an elementary school classroom or daycare center. Not to mention, having unusual plants around a classroom presents another learning opportunity for kids!

What You Pay: Starting at $5.23/month

What Subscribers Say: “I was a little nervous about getting a plant in the mail but it arrived perfectly wrapped. It was in perfect condition and beautiful. I can't wait to get next month's box to see what I get. Thank you so much.” -Kimberly

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2. Paletteful Packs


Why We Love It for Teachers: It’s true that teachers are always short on art supplies. And while this teacher appreciation gift could serve as a school gift (meaning she’ll use the supplies and learnings for a future classroom activity) it could just be a gift box she can enjoy on her own. What a great way to recharge and be creative!

What You Pay: Starting at $33.50/month

What Subscribers Say: “Amazing box with high quality supplies. I ordered a 3 month subscription not knowing if I would be satisfied with the supplies that would be sent but I am definitely going to renew at a full 12 month subscription choice.”-Patricia

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3. Glass Moon Candles


Why We Love This for Teachers: It’s an invitation to relax! Teaching can be tiresome, and these artisanally aromatic candles help set the stage for recharging the mind and rejuvenating the spirit. Even better, their wood wicks lend an audible element to your teacher’s “me time.”

What You Pay: Starting at $11.48/month

What Subscribers Say: “The fragrance fills my whole home. I have never purchased a more satisfying candle. They are long lasting and so aromatic!” -Jackie

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4. The Classic Vintage Teatime Box - Eat, Drink, Read & Keep


Why We Love This for Teachers: It’s a tea party in a box! And, it’s our top choice for English teachers and elementary school teachers. This gift box subscription treats your teacher to tea, biscuits, a brand new book, and a pretty vintage china set including a tea cup, saucer, and plate. How pretty! There really is no better way to spoil a deserving educator, and it might just be her favorite gift from a student ever.

What You Pay: Starting at £28.00 GBP/month

What Subscribers Say: “Likely one of if not my favorite box! I love that the owner is personal- with emails about her home and her country as well as quick updates and personal touches. The pictures alone say it all- the chocolate was divine! The soap- I LOVE! and obviously the china tea set is just lovely! Every little goodie, the book and the china set was perfect!”-Amy

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5. Gogh Box Art Crate


Why We Love This for Teachers: Great teachers seek experiences and knowledge they can share with young ones. And this monthly subscription delivers two new and unique acrylic painting projects teachers can learn to create on their own. Not only will it add to a teacher’s art skills, when the projects are complete, your child’s teacher will have a beautiful painting they can use to decorate their classroom or home.

What You Pay: Starting at $32/month

What Subscribers Say: “The artists do a great job at walking you through each painting. I love how different their styles are from one another. It reminds me that we all create art differently and not to be too hard on myself!” -Amie

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6. Finders Seekers - Escape Room Game


Why We Love This for Teachers: It’s a gift your teacher isn’t expecting! And not only does it invite her to have a little fun with her family and friends, Finders Seekers Mysteries engages the mind with tricky puzzles and teaches about a culture and city through game play. Talk about a win-win.

What You Pay: Starting at $25/month

What Subscribers Say: Really fun and enjoyed by the whole family. Bought for the adults but our 9 year old and up kids really enjoyed playing along. A fun (and even educational) mix of real facts with a creative fiction narrative! - Sarah

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7. Paper Kitty


Why We Love This for Teachers: It’s paper products aplenty! And that’s something teachers always need. But even better, these paper products and office supplies are anything but boring. These whimsical, wonderful designs are sure to put a smile on the face of your teacher...and her students, too.

What You Pay: Starting at $13.17/month

What Subscribers Say: “My first Swan Bliss box is fantastic! It had notepads, bookmarks, a pen, a coin purse, an eraser, note cards and envelopes, and planner pages. There is much more here than I anticipated and I'm very pleased.” -Mary

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8. SnackSack


Why We Love It for Teachers: Who doesn’t love snacks? But...it can be tricky selecting snack gifts because dietary needs can vary so much. SnackSack aims to solve that problem by providing healthier snack options in four different snacking plans. One might fit the teacher you're shopping for perfectly: Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, or Gluten-Free and Vegan.

What You Pay: Starting at $24.58/month

What Subscribers Say: “Best snack box!!! Lots of different snacks to try! Really like that it was very good brands. Very happy. Worth the money. Customer service was great, decided only needed every other month, so was able to switch without issue” -Samantha

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