The Gemini Gift Box Guide That Speaks to Crafty, Creative Minds

The Gemini zodiac sign, represented by the Twins, is a star sign all about duality. Geminis are a bit of a chameleon — just as comfortable to be the extroverted life of the party as they are to be the introverted wallflower. If you have a special Gem in your life, this gift guide will point you toward the best Gemini gift boxes.

Those with a Gemini birthday––celebrated between May 20 and June 21––have an energy that's all about living life to the fullest! Perfect gifts for these creatives will help them get hands-on and explore artistic endeavors.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis have a way with words. They’ll welcome stationery box sets and get excited about book-of-the-month clubs, enjoying to put pen to paper and expand their literary horizons. Though they occasionally enjoy spinning word circles, life is for lively convos and laughter!

What are the best Gemini gift boxes to please both sides of their energetic personalities?


Nail Shack Pack

From $13.25 per box
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One of the easiest astrology signs to spot in a crowd, Nail Shack Pack will adorn their animated hands with colors, patterns and prints. DIY nail polish strips keep nails on point for the whole month!

“Love this product!! I have horses, and am very rough with my hands. (Riding, barn chores, etc) These easily last me a week. I put them on at night to give them a few hours to set before getting my hands wet.” -Vicky P., October 2021


4 cards a month w/ stamps

From $16.67 per box
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Lost Art Stationery sends original greeting cards and stamps to connect with BFFs and loved ones. Mail a sassy sentiment, birthday wishes or a warm hello!

“This was my first shipment. I was very happy with the quality and the variety! I would recommend this subscription to anyone who values snail mail!” -Dee G., May 2021


Pro Club Classic

From $17.95 per box
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Lovers of small gestures and frivolity, a monthly delivery of sparkly stickers is a great gift for this lighthearted air sign. Pipstick's Pro Club Classic sends a mix of super-fresh sticker sheets and fun extras.

“I have loved this subscription and have taken it for over a year now. The unbridled enthusiasm of the Pipsticks staff and fantastic customer service makes each delivery a joy.” -Emily I., March 2019


Monthly Premier Paletteful Pack

From $36.50 per box
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Paletteful Packs brings artists open-ended creativity! Every month, your favorite Gemini will be treated to a curated selection of top-quality art supplies and materials.

“I love this box! The quality and variety of materials is top-notch, and I love the fact that they all work together to help you produce a lovely work of art. Thank you!” -Jennifer B., April 2021


Craftee DIY Box

From $42.00 per box
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Let the creativity loose with the Craftee DIY Box, an open-and-go personalized gift that lets them add their own personal touch to fun home decor projects!

“I have tried so many craft kits and this is by far my favorite! Most of the kits I tried were really easy and it felt like I was doing a kindergarten kit! Hers are so cute and so much fun and I would highly recommend her for yourself or as a gift to someone! 🥰❤️” -Erin J., March 2021


Bombay & Cedar :: The Monthly Lifestyle Box

From $46.95 per box
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Be they wellness gurus or clean-freaks, your Gemini friends are in for an unboxing experience filled with luxury vegan skincare and essential oils from Bombay & Cedar.

“A fun box to open, I found a lot of new products to try!” -Charissa S., August 2020


Smartass & Sass *SHIRT-ONLY* Subscription

From $17.95 per box
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Catering to the Gemini woman who cuts to the chase, Smartass and Sass speaks for all saucy souls. As the name suggests, this unique gift sends snarky graphic T-shirts and mouthy accessories.

“Amazing! I bought this as a Christmas present for my co-worker and she said it was "the best gift ever!" We laughed our a**es off as she opened each item in the box. So much fun and so much sass!” -Krista M., January 2022


Bolzano Handbag & Accessories Subscription Box

From $35.00 per box
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Bolzano Handbags is a ‘champagne taste on a beer budget’ kind of box delivering perfectly coordinated handbags and accessories.

“I loved this! I got a vegan purse in the color and style I selected and they also sent a manicure set and some stylish silver jewelry. Will order again.” -J Y., January 2020


The Full Experience

From $52.00 per box
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Authentic Books is a book-of-the-month gift set that delivers a sensory self-care experience. Gem’s will enjoy stimulating mind and body with an at-home spa day — good read included!

“Authentic Books exceeded all my expectations! I honestly feel like everyone should know about this!! Their book choices are always on point, they curate items that are beautiful and exciting, and their packaging is so attractive. Say yes!” -Suzanne H., June 2021


Monthly Mocktail Box - Raising the Bar

From $49.00 per box
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Serve up alcohol-free libations with Raising the Bar, an adventurous seasonal mocktail club that delivers all that’s needed to mix, stir, and shake up sparkling concoctions.

“This box is excellent for people who don't drink alcohol but still want a special sip every once in a while. Love it. The drink was awesome~tasted like a regular mojito!” -Katrina S., July 2021


The Fuse

From $16.00 per box
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Bombs and Bubbles is all about bath time! Tempt them to draw a warm bath and soak stress away with adorably themed and super colorful handcrafted bath bombs.

“Omg, how fun are these bombs?! Smells great too, no tub residue or oil overload. Great box for bath lovers!” -Wendy F., June 2020



From $24.92 per box
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Enjoy candles for a cause with the KOS Candle Club. Every hand-poured, custom-scented candle gives over 60 hours of burn time, and gives back, too!

“Not only are the candles of very high quality, but every single piece of packing material is recyclable. I LOVE THAT.” -Becky E., March 2021