Gift Guide: Boxes for the Daughter-in-Law Who Collects Hobbies (2021)

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Now that your child has found someone special to experience life's beautiful adventures with, you want a gift that shows your daughter-in-law (or future daughter-in-law) just how excited you are to have her as part of the family! While materialistic items are nice, some of the best gifts come down to building precious memories that last a lifetime. Gift your DIL a box that delivers unique experiences that she can enjoy right at home with those who warm her heart.

Cratejoy's gift guide includes both monthly subscription services and one-time gift boxes that she can craft, sip, and enjoy as she winds down after a day of wedding planning or use to decorate her home once the new year arrives. With subscription boxes from date-night games to self-care gift boxes, each box is tailored to deliver a unique unboxing experience like no other! The plus side – it'll mean a lot to her that her mother-in-law supports her unique hobbies and takes her interests to heart.

What are some unusual gifts for your daughter-in-law that she'll love?


The Adults & Crafts Crate

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Instead of purchasing a housewarming gift from Amazon or Etsy, inspire the newlyweds to build and craft adorable keepsakes together! The Adults & Crafts Crate comes with all the tools and materials they need to make unique and practical projects like epoxy resin coasters, holiday-inspired themed candles, and a wooden wine caddy with wine glass holders. This monthly subscription box makes for a great gift for an artsy duo looking to spend more quality time with one another.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

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After a long day, slipping into a relaxing warm bath with scented bath bombs sounds like the perfect getaway. Make this dream come true with the ultimate self-care and skincare goodie box from TheraBox. Unboxing each monthly subscription is like welcoming a best friend with a delivery of 6-8 bath and body products, lifestyle goodies, aromatherapy items, and happiness activity to help decrease stress and increase joy. Whether you're looking for a bridal shower gift or a holiday present, give your dear daughter-in-law the key to her personal oasis she can enjoy right at home.


Wild Woman Box

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If your new daughter-in-law has an active lifestyle or loves the outdoors, she’ll enjoy unboxing a subscription from Wild Woman. During her next date with nature, give her a kit that includes everything she needs to explore the trails, go hiking, or camping. With a variety of handpicked items like natural body products, tumblers, stainless steel tools, outdoor gear, and snacks, she'll be fueled and ready to take on any adventure.


The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box

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If your DIL is a true-crime lover or constantly listening to murder mystery podcasts, she’ll love a subscription to the Deadbolt Mystery Society. This mystery game includes original and compelling mysteries, immersive scenarios, and intriguing characters that will keep her guessing, “WHO DID IT?” Play with up to 4 people or go on a solo adventure with stand-alone stories that will keep her at the edge of her seat and will put her mind to the test!


American Cocktail Club

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If she's one to love a tasty craft cocktail or enjoys hosting holiday dinner parties, this personalized gift will give her that extra hand! The American Cocktail Club includes everything you need to make 4 servings of a refreshing and seasonal beverage. With two subscription options – the Everything Box and Everything But the Booze Box – she'll have everything she needs from natural juice blends, garnishes, and syrups to set up her home bar. This also makes for the perfect anniversary gift that she can toast with her partner when that special day comes.


Date Night Box Subscription

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Send the newlyweds a thoughtful gift they can enjoy together during a quiet date night at home. No matter how long they've been together, there's still plenty to learn about one another and stories to share. Make date night into a monthly activity with a box from Crated with Love, a subscription service that comes with 4-5 challenges and activities to strengthen any bond. Solve a mystery together or pretend to be stranded on a tropical island with these games that make for memorable date nights.


Sips by Box - Personalized Tea Discovery

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If you have a tea-loving DIL, she’ll appreciate this delicious gift box with a variety of tea blends she can brew and enjoy. Whether she's unwinding from a bridal shower or wanting some "me time" between wedding planning, Sips by Box works with 150 global tea brands to bring the perfect brew that is hand-selected based on her taste preference. Choose loose leaf, bagged teas, or a mix of both with caffeine or caffeine-free options.


Life's a Wave BEACH box

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Get her feeling like she's "Walking on Sunshine" with a box dedicated to enjoying beach babe vibes any time of the year. Not only does this box support beach restoration efforts but it is loaded with high-quality and ocean inspired items that she can wear or use as house decor. This treasure box includes 5-8 items like tropical scented moisturizer, colorful beach totes, sterling silver pendant necklaces, and adorable mermaid coffee mugs.


Bake Eat Love's Original Monthly Baking Kit

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Some of the warmest memories are made right in the kitchen. Let your daughter-in-law express her love for baking with an all-inclusive gourmet dessert box. Each gift set comes with pre-measured dry and specialty ingredients to make 12-20 delicious treats, a new kitchen tool, and a video tutorial that will walk her step-by-step to bake up delicious goods like gluten-free red velvet lava cakes, snow globe sugar cookies, and french macarons. Bond with your DIL and share stories about her new family tree or embarrassing childhood memories of her spouse while making warm goodies together.


Jerky Snob

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As the saying goes, "a happy wife is a happy life." A happy wife also means one that does not go too long being hungry. Keep the cabinets stocked with the best jerky treats from Jerky Snob. If she's an athlete by trade or just loves a good protein-fueled snack, you can never go wrong with a good supply of artisan jerkies that come in unique flavors like smokey bbq, smoking maple, or spicy teriyaki. Choose between a 4 oz, 1/2 lb, or 1 lb subscription with no MSG and no nitrates.


Nail Shack Pack

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Treat your daughter-in-law to a DIY easy-to-apply nail kit with a monthly box from Nail Shack. This budget-friendly pack is perfect for those who love giving their nails some tender love and care while staying at home and while watching a movie. Each pack includes 4 full sets of high-quality nail polish strips in different patterns and prints, plus a nail file and cuticle pusher! There's also a mommy and me nail shack pack if she has a mini-me as stylish as her.


Smartass and Sass

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Daughter-in-law gifts don't always have to be heartwarming and sentimental – they can also be witty and humorous! If she's one to laugh at your husband's dad jokes or loves a good snarky pop culture reference as much as you do, then get her a box that is as sassy and hip as her! Each box from Smartass and Sass includes 8-9 cheeky and trending items like candles, car coasters, bath salts, and utensils that she can use in her home office or out running errands.


My Essential Oils Pair Box

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Nothing eases the mind, body, and spirit from a long day than refreshing essential oils that relax the tired body. Whether she's recovering from her eventful wedding day or getting ready to unwind from the holidays, these Ayurvedic oils provide natural healing properties that will soothe and boost tired moods. Each bundle box includes a 30-day supply of My Healthy Body Supplement Kit and an oil roller that is small enough to keep in her makeup bag.


SEED CLUB MONTHLY MYSTERY 🌱 Urban Organic Gardener

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Inspire your DIL to start her own organic food garden with a kit that she can use regardless of her living situation. Seed Club Mystery delivers 2 non-GMO seed packets, starter soil pods, plant labels, and markers to get her started on growing veggies and herbs like parsley, chia, carrots, and garlic. Each box is tailored to her experience and her unique living space – whether she wants to set up her garden in the yard or a balcony or if she has full access to the sun or only receives partial shade.