The Best Gift Boxes for Mindfulness and Quiet Reflection (2021)

Whoever said that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world could not have been more right. Mindfulness is a balancing act; it’s a practice that keeps us in the present moment while calmly acknowledging the things that are not serving us. That is why having a daily self-care practice and ritual is so important to achieving inner peace and calming the wandering mind.

While there are many forms of self-care practices like meditation, yoga, or even diving into crystal healing, it’s all about finding activities and items that are best suited for your unique rituals. The journey to self-love isn't a one-size-fits-all but instead a path that has you honoring time special one-on-one time with you.

With our curated list of the best mindfulness boxes in the Cratejoy marketplace, discover new ways to detox with items like stress relief goodies, teas, aromatherapy, spiritual tools, and beauty products that do not only pamper but rejuvenate. Balance your outer world with a practice, or in this case, a subscription sidekick that helps you connect with your inner world.

What are the best boxes that support mindfulness?


Mental Wellness Box

From $38.00 per box
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Kickstart the new year and your mindfulness journey with a box designed to bring mindfulness practices into your life. Each box subscription includes 6 to 8 sensory rich items that keep you inspired and motivated. Light a candle, brew some tea, and spend the time journaling with the Mental Wellness Box – your much-needed retreat dedicated to all things self-care.


WISDOM KEEPERS Book Box $29.95

From $28.00 per box
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Deepen your spiritual practice with a sacred ritual box curated for mystic seekers and divine goddesses. Choose between the Wisdom Keepers Book Box, which included 2-4 sacred items like crystals, candles, essential oils, and teas, or the Esoteric Box filled with 5-7 high vibrational crystals, oracle decks, and meditation tools that are centered around a unique theme. Past box subscriptions focused on themes like intuition, self-love, divination, and tarot.


Welcome Box A

From $9.99 per box
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Applying or diffusing essential oils has a variety of benefits like improving moods and helping boost sleep. Take a scent personality quiz and get a box of vegan and all-natural sets of essential oils curated for your preference and needs. Feel your mind soothed and relaxed before falling or sleeping or diving into a meditation.


Chakra Box - A Self Care Guided Journey For Mind, Body & Spirit

From $39.00 per box
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Embark on a unique nine-month self-care journey with the Chakra Box. Starting at Earth Star and working its way to Ascension, each box includes 9-12 vegan and cruelty-free spiritual items and meditations to balance the body, mind, and spirit. Each one of our chakras plays an important part in how we ground and move through our wellness journey. Dive into additional bonus items like curated music and guided meditations to get the full experience that's chosen specifically for each chakra.


Sips by Box - Personalized Tea Discovery

From $15.00 per box
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Start your morning right with a personalized tea subscription box that is based on your specific palette. Sip on delicious tea from one of the 150+ global tea brands the way you like with the choice of loose-leaf, bagged teas, or a mixture of both. Each month you'll receive four premium teas that can brew over 15 cups of herbal goodness.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

From $35.00 per box
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TheraBox is a self-care crate curated by therapists on a mission to increase joy and reduce stress. Each box is packed with up to 8 lifestyle and wellness goodies and 1 research-inspired activity to help you de-stress and spend quality time with yourself. Indulge in a little well-deserved pampering with hydrating face masks, soaps, and affirmation cards


Mental Health & Self-Care Box

From $44.99 per box
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Explore mental health and self-care practices from a unique lens with a subscription curated to provide tools and knowledge about anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Each box includes 4-6 thoughtfully picked out activities, workbooks, and self-care products like sage, teas, and natural remedies. Learn more about mental health topics with coping techniques with a monthly subscription service delivered straight to your door.


Charcoal Expressions Drawing Art Box

From $41.20 per box
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One way to cope with the undercurrent of anxiety is by diving into creative projects. Create two art pieces and pick up a new skill with a subscription to the Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box. Each box includes supplies, video tutorials, paper, and mattes made for easy framing. Get lost in the creative flow and add art to part of your mindfulness practice.


Monthly Large Box

From $36.95 per box
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A monthly subscription box to Wickbox will have you kick back and relax with beautiful candles that uniquely match your scent preference. Wickbox delivers1 surprize large luxury candle with a burn time of up to 100 hours. Light a candle to set the mood for your nightly journaling ritual or use it just to relax while diving into your favorite book.


Do A Shot Of Yoga Deluxe Box

From $49.99 per box
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Get into a flow and ground yourself with a monthly subscription of Do a Shot of Yoga! Each box includes 3 to 4 yoga self-care items, a yoga book or journal, and access to weekly coaching sessions, and an online Facebook community with other yogis!



From $17.04 per box
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Feeling Fab is your gentle reminder to carve out time for self-care practices. Enjoy a box packed with natural body care items, soy candles, crystals, and bath salts along with self-care checklists and inspirational quotes to keep you inspired and feeling your best. Treat yourself to an at-home wellness day all centered around nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Choose between three subscription tiers that are tailored to your specific needs.



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Hopebox is a box dedicated to keeping the fire of hope burning in our souls with a selection of treasures created by the world's most talented artisans. Enjoy unboxing 10 full-sized and cruelty-free items from inspiring jewelry pieces, woven snuggle buddies, organic soaks, and refreshing masks all designed to give hope! Hopebox introduces a new theme each month with a collection of new uplifting items.



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With Mindful Box by Mindful Souls, you'll learn the simplified approach to understanding spiritual practices and the tools that go with them. Receive a box of 6-8 hand-picked crystal jewelry, raw crystals, home decor, and a variety of spiritual tools to help soothe and invite more positive energy. Each box comes with a sheet with descriptions and instructions on how to the different items that are included.