The Ultimate Stoner Gift Boxes and Care Packages

Finally, there are stoner gift boxes that cater to the wide array of cannabis connoisseurs out there. For all those who know a guy who knows a guy, it’s time to send headshop goodies straight to the doorstep, and hook up your favorite smokers, vaporizers, and bong hitters with the perfect gift.

Although the word “stoner” can often conjure images of long-haired men quipping about reefer and ganja, the world of marijuana has come a long way since your dad was toking. Today, people imbibe in weed in a number of ways and for a number of reasons. Whether you or a friend is looking for a little relaxation, to elevate their mood, or for pain relief, these subscription boxes can elevate your weed experience in myriad ways.

What is a stoner gift box?

Cannabis care packages offer an easy way to get high-quality smoking accessories, like stash bags, decorative ashtrays, and the like, into the hands of those who will be most appreciative. For buddies who prefer to mellow out with CBD, they’ll be overjoyed to get a curated sampler of some of today’s bestsellers. And, remember, when it comes to weed gifts, you can never go wrong with subscriptions that help them keep snacks on hand for whenever the munchies strike!

Note: Sadly, these boxes do not deliver weed to your doorstep. This is, of course, for legal reasons.


The Stoney Babe Box

From $33.00 per box
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If you have a bestie who just loves to spark one up and chill, then we've got the perfect gift set for her! Hippie chicks and the like will unbox cute, colorful cannabis-themed smoking accessories in every monthly delivery of The Stoney Babe Box. Sourced from small, women-owned businesses, everything from artisan-made goodies and grinders to smell-proof bags and CBD products can be packed into this fun-loving mystery box.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States between the 1st and the 8th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I loved my Stoney Babe Box! I was so excited and pleased with all my items! The shipping was great as well! The hand-selected glass and small little cute touches were my favorites! Can’t wait for another box to arrive! 10/10” – Alexis S.



From $31.33 per box
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Another great gift idea for stoners is the SensiBox from Spiced Up. Practically like having a personal weed shopper, each box brings a customized touch. Choose from 2 different box options, the Original or SensiLight, for an artisan-made ceramic hand pipe or glass piece, and smoking essentials, like hemp products, herb grinders, accessories, CBD goodies, and even snacks, perfect for when the munchies strike!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States around the 10th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “This is by far the best smoker subscription box I’ve ever got! I use to use cannabox but quickly switched to SensiBox and haven’t had a single regret! All of the pieces feel and look like art you can just hide on a shelf. Absolutely in love and customer service is AMAZING.” – Lindsay S.


Stoner Essentials Bundle by Hakuna Supply

From $42.00 per box
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Discreetly receive all the weed and CBD essentials you need every month with the Hakuna Eco-Friendly Stoner Stash Box. First box contains an engraved bamboo stash box to keep your goods in plus goodies such as glass tips, rolling papers, screens, incense, matches, and more.

Shipping: Ships worldwide within 5 business days of order.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I was just about to order another piece when all of a sudden....WHAM.....yall delivered the perfect box that has not one, but 2 new pipes in it!!!! Coming in CLUTCH is an understatement. You guys have my business for life now!!!!” – Joseph M.


Loaded n' Rollin' by Dank Box - Monthly 420 Subscription Box

From $35.00 per box
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Because it's a lifestyle and you need all the essential gear to live that 420 life. Restock all of your favorite items or give a great gift when it's needed most. All boxes include standard items all smokers need (rolling papers, grinders, blunt wraps, & lighters) along with the latest products (vape batteries, pipes, smell-proof bags) plus a mystery item in each box.

Shipping: Discreet shipping. Ships on the 14th of each month worldwide.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I have gotten 4 boxes so far and we love them all! We absolutely love the glass bowls we received. They are now the only ones we use.” – Misty S.


Exotic Noods

From $18.67 per box
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Weed, ganja, Mary Jane; no matter what you call it, it can make you hungry! Make sure they have the ultimate munchie on hand with a gift subscription to Exotic Noods. Specialty noodles from around the world arrive every month in noodle packs, instant bowls or a mix of both, treating your lucky recipient to delicious flavors and new styles, all taste-tested by their very own Ramen King.

Shipping: Ships only within the United States by the 10th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “We absolutely love this subscription box. We have enjoyed noods for over a year and can't remember any duplicates, although some boxes have come with similar Ramen in them. We have bought some of the Ramen we've loved from our monthly boxes. Exotic Noods is a really fun and delicious subscription box.” – Nancy G.


Classic Candy Box

From $28.97 per box
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Got someone on your gift list who smokes and instantly reaches for something sweet? The Classic Candy Box is a fun and nostalgic gift option that will take them on a trip down memory lane. This monthly subscription box specializes in hard-to-find candy, treats, and sweet offerings from the early 1900s to the ‘80s, and is sure to hit the sweet spot right from the very first box!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States around the 15th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “This is a great box! It was delivered fast and contained a ton of hard-to-find candy from my childhood! Awesome!” – Troy P.