The Ultimate Stoner Gift Boxes and Care Packages (2021)

Finally, there are stoner gift boxes that cater to the wide array of cannabis connoisseurs out there. For all those who know a guy who knows a guy, it’s time to send headshop goodies straight to the doorstep, and hook up your favorite smokers, vaporizers and bong hitters with the perfect gift.

What is a stoner gift box?

Cannabis care packages offer an easy way to get high-quality smoking accessories, like stash bags, decorative ashtrays and the like, into the hands of those who will be most appreciative. For buddies who prefer to mellow out with CBD, they’ll be overjoyed to get a curated sampler of some of today’s bestsellers. And, remember, when it comes to weed gifts, you can never go wrong with subscriptions that help them keep snacks on hand for whenever the munchies strike!

Note: Sadly, these boxes do not deliver weed to your doorstep. This is, of course, for legal reasons.

What are the best stoner gift boxes?


The Stoney Babe Box

From $30.00 per box
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If you have a bestie who just loves to spark one up and chill, then we've got the perfect gift set for her! Hippie chicks and the like will unbox cute, colorful cannabis-themed smoking accessories in every monthly delivery of The Stoney Babe Box. Sourced from small, women-owned businesses, everything from artisan-made goodies and grinders to smell proof bags and CBD products can be packed into this fun-loving mystery box.


SensiBox by Spiced UP

From $20.50 per box
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Another great gift idea for stoners is the SensiBox from Spiced Up. Practically like having a personal weed shopper, each box brings a customized touch. Choose from 2 different box options, the Original or SensiLight, for an artisan-made ceramic hand pipe or glass piece, and smoking essentials, like hemp products, herb grinders, accessories, CBD goodies and even snacks, perfect for when the munchies strike!


Surprise Stoner Boxes

From $35.96 per box
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When you gift a Surprise Stoner Box from CloudNine Boxes, you'll be sending a lucky someone a weed subscription that is packed with goodies any stoner can get behind. All boxes bring a whopping 14 different items, including a pipe, a rolling tray, dab tools, a stash jar, a fun sticker and so much more. Not only is it an impressive haul, but it's packaged discreetly so it'll be a welcome surprise!


The Puff Pack

From $4.17 per box
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Inexpensive and practical, The Puff Pack is the perfect last-minute gift to send your smoking buddies. Shipping just 5 days after ordering, choose between 2 subscription options that are all about supplying high-quality basics. Send The Economist for all-natural rolling papers, filter tips and matches, or upgrade to The Mediator to add hemp wraps, lighters and other fun extras.


Exotic Noods

From $14.81 per box
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Weed, ganja, Mary Jane; no matter what you call it, it can make you hungry! Make sure they have the ultimate munchie on hand with a gift subscription to Exotic Noods. Specialty noodles from around the world arrive every month in noodle packs, instant bowls or a mix of both, treating your lucky recipient to delicious flavors and new styles, all taste-tested by their very own Ramen King.



From $30.00 per box
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MunchieCrate is another gift box that's up to the task of handling any and all late-night snack cravings. Keep the goodies coming on auto-pilot so they're sure to get a monthly re-up. Filled to the brim with popular favorites, send the Regular or the Mighty MunchieCrate for either 15+ or 20+ snacks, including everything from fruity candies and chocolate bars to chips, crackers, cookies and more.


Classic Candy Box

From $19.08 per box
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Got someone on your gift list who smokes and instantly reaches for something sweet? The Classic Candy Box is a fun and nostalgic gift option that will take them on a trip down memory lane. This monthly subscription box specializes in hard-to-find candy, treats and sweet offerings from the early 1900s to the 80s, and is sure to hit the sweet spot right from the very first box!