Easy Summer Crafts for Adults: Popsicle Stick Projects, DIY Sidewalk Chalk, Suncatchers and More

Updated by Chloe Artwood

Summer is a great time for crafting, and there are many easy and affordable projects adults can make to celebrate the season. Summer crafts for adults like popsicle stick projects, DIY sidewalk chalk, and suncatchers are fun ways to get creative.

I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces that I did this year, a flamingo door hanger. It's very easy and inexpensive to do just using a tarp that I got at Walmart.
While I can't provide a full tutorial in this article, I encourage you to grab some paint, brushes, and a bunch of sacks from the Dollar Tree or Walmart, and get crafting!

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Popsicle sticks are a versatile crafting material that can be used to make a variety of summer-themed projects.
Today I'll show you how to make three different crafts out of popsicle sticks. To make adorable popsicle stick unicorns, whales, and cactuses, you'll need five popsicle sticks, crafting paint, paintbrushes and sponges, colorful yarn, glue, scissors, a black marker, a lavender paint pen, and some foam. First, take some of your popsicle sticks and cut them in half. Paint the pieces green, then glue the half pieces on to form the cactus shape. Use the black marker to draw on some prickly spines. These adorable little cactuses are a perfect summer craft for adults, and bonus - they won't prick you!

Another fun summer craft for adults is DIY sidewalk chalk. I love summer activities like splashing around in the pool, going to the beach, building sand castles, and flying a kite.
But before heading outside, let's make some DIY sidewalk chalk popsicles. Note that these are only called popsicles because of their shape - do not try to eat them! To make the chalk, you'll need tempera paint, popsicle sticks, plaster of Paris, a mixing spoon, water, mixing bowls and silicone molds.

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Making suncatchers is another great way for adults to celebrate the summer solstice with crafting. To make my suncatcher, I gathered a dish full of glass beads in a range of colors from green to yellow to gold to orange to red.
I wanted to use colors associated with the sun and the passion and creativity of the season. Most of these beads are mismatched, which creates an interesting effect. These were leftover beads from other jewelry making projects in the past.

The summer solstice is a time to celebrate accomplishments and to embrace joy through relaxation and celebration. Grab some affordable supplies like popsicle sticks, plaster of Paris, glass beads, and silk flowers and get your creative juices flowing with these easy summer crafts for adults.
Spend an enjoyable hour or two immersed in the colors and themes of the season as you make decorations for your home and gifts for friends and family. I hope this article gives you some ideas to make your own summer crafts. Embrace your inner artist, relax, and have fun crafting this summer!

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