What Should I Read Next: 8 Books You Don’t Want to Miss

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The crisp feeling of opening a book for the very first time is like diving into a portal full of adventure, thrills, and chills! If you’re looking for new and exciting books to leap into, these 8 books are sure to end up on your bookshelf. Their stories are so exceptional, maybe you should share this list and start a book club!

York: The Shadow Cipher by Laura Ruby – $17.99

Combining an ancient fictional puzzle and the modern day grittiness of New York, Y ork: The Shadow Cipher ‘s plot is brilliantly choreographed in a futuristic way. Tess, Theo, and Jaime’s home is at risk of destruction and the only way they can save it is by solving a mythological puzzle underneath New York called the Old York Cipher.

Each character is well-rounded and they provide individually complex plot twists that will have you flying through the pages! York: The Shadow Cipher gained enough traction that OwlCrate featured it in their June 2017 box!

The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell – $14.95

If magicians were real, they would probably be hiding in the shadows, only revealing their tremendous power in unexpected and mysterious ways. The Last Magician plays on this modern day fantasy with a professional theft named Esta and the magical truths of the last remaining maegus.

If Esta wants to save her future, she’ll have to pilfer the ancient book by traveling in time to a perilous past. This is the kind of novel that makes you question the visibility of magic in your very own reality. LitJoy Crate loved Lisa Maxwell’s utter genius and included The Last Magician in their July 2017 box!

Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster – $14.95

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Boogie men, demons, and ghosts all strike fear in our hearts but, they aren’t real… right? If you wish to remain willfully uninformed then we advise you don’t read the chilling story of Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster . In Bishopville, South Carolina a creature lurking near the Scape Ore Swamp has tormented the local residents to the point of national interest.

Sightings and police reports were the only things documented until Lyle Blackburn and Cindy Lee dissect all of the evidence in order to deliver the frightening truth about a creature from the abyss. Lizard Man must have gotten his scaly claws on the curators of Cryptid Crate because this book was in their June 2017 box!

Carinvalesque by Neil Jordan – £16.99

Life is never exactly how it seems, especially in the world of Carinvalesque . Neil Jordan tells the tale of a boy named Andy and a hall of mirrors that alter his grip on reality. An imposter leaves the carnival with his parents while the real Andy remains locked in the world of the many mirrors where gravity is meaningless.

Come to Dust by Bracken MacLeod  – July 2017 – $17.93

The death of the innocent is hardly comprehensible. For Mitch in Come to Dust , he loses a niece tragically yet temporarily. In a world brought to you by Bracken MacLeod, dead children have recently begun to emerge out of their graves. In an eerie setting, this book plays on the theme of life, death, and the moralistic choice of lost souls.

The Open House: An Inspector Appleby Mystery by Michael Innes – $1.95

Perhaps some of the best mysteries are the ones that are bizzarly familiar. For Sir John Appleby, a famous detective in The Open House: An Inspector Appleby Mystery , crime never sleeps.

In the 26th installment by Michael Innes, Sir Appleby’s car breaks down in front of a hauntingly beautiful mansion in which a feast is prepared but with no guests. The breakneck speed in which Sir Appleby solves this riddle is as stunning as it is exciting! The Inspector Appleby’s mysteries are perfect for Bookishly’s Book Club which featured one in their June 2017 box!

Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets by Svetlana Alexievish $20.60

In a gritty story of life in Russia, Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets is a breathtaking tale of life in the demise of communism. Svetlana Alexievish documents the rarely heard voices of people in Russia through beautifully raw interviews.

Alexievish’s words spill gloriously across these pages in a way that makes the reader see and feel all of the struggle and pain of post-USSR Russia. The Wordy Traveler , a quarterly book subscription, features this enlightening tale in their Summer 2017 box!

Sweet Rivalry: 1000 Dark Nights by K.Bromberg – $8.99

Tension and romance go hand-in-hand and with Ryder Rodgers and Harper Denton of Sweet Rivalry: 1000 Dark Nights , it has absolutely sparked a flame. In this edition of 1000 Dark Knights, K. Bromberg has created two characters with equal wit, strategy, and passion. This romance novel will have any reader laughing from Harper’s verbally sharp jabs and Ryder’s inability to give up their rivalry. A truly entertaining story, this book was featured in Reveal Book Box ’s July 2017 delivery!

With knowing how much you love to read, we’re sure these 8 won’t keep you occupied for long. If you enjoy flying through amazing novels on a weekly basis, you’ll also enjoy any of these book subscription boxes on the Cratejoy marketplace!

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