A Grand Smile

Hello there! Hope you and yours are well. Many thanks for stopping by. I am Ndah Mbawa, wife, mum of 3 and founder of A Gran Smile. A Grand Smile is a superbly curated subscription box🎁 for that special senior citizen in your life. A thoughtful way to show with everyday stuff that you care😍 and have them in your thoughts🤔. Some of them, you probably haven’t seen as much as you or they would have liked in these past Covid-stricken months. Despair ye not, A Grand Smile😊 comes to the rescue. Being a motherless girl-child from a very young age and now a mum myself, I often wondered what my mum would have been had she lived to attain a fine old age with us. For this reason, I have always been drawn to the older generation; their wisdom, experience and their ability to find pleasure in the simple things of life. This insight I experienced when I worked as a care assistant many years ago. This experience has never left me. Even to this day, we do our utmost to support the elderly as a family. Before COVID hit, we used to take our girls to care homes to read to the residents. So you will see, A Gran Smile was borne out of real care and affection for the older generation and the need to find simple but meaningful ways to make them feel loved.