Beelieve Academy Sensory Shop

Hello there! I am a former educator and mom to two young boys under 3. I started making sensory kits for my sons during the pandemic as a way to connect and teach them at home. My toddler and preschooler enjoyed playing so much with the thematic sensory bin units that I was inspired to create them for children all across the country. Beelieve Academy Learn & Play Sensory Bin Kits provide educational quality fun in a hands- on way. Sensory bins can be adapted for any lesson and educational level. One sensory bin kit can be modified for many educational levels to adapt to differentiated learning in traditional or homeschool classrooms. My goal is for the Beelieve Academy Learn and Play Sensory Bins to serve busy parents, caregivers, and teachers of all educational backgrounds with the tools they need to provide quality tips, activities and lesson ideas to teach and connect with their children. Visit @Beelieve Academy on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube or Tiktok for more ways to use sensory bins, fun activities, and lesson plan ideas for your 2-7 year old. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for activity ideas and discounts straight to your inbox. Have a wonderful day!