Crumble Crate

What is CRUMBLE CRATE? We make home baking fun, easy to learn & hassle-free., where you get all of the ingredients and specialty tools included and delivered straight to your door. Why use CRUMBLE CRATE? Convenience We provide non-perishable premium ingredients from brands that you love that are pre-measured for you. You don’t need to figure out which fancy baking equipment to buy. We provide specialty tools specific to each box’s recipe. We even show you how you can use the tools with future baking kits! We guide you through the whole process with step-by-step instructions, visuals + detailed video tutorials. We take the guesswork and confusion out of baking delicious treats. No need to feel overwhelmed when you are in your kitchen - it's time to relax and have fun! In each kit you’ll gain a lifelong set of skills, and coupled with getting all the tools and tutorials, you’ll be able to make these impressive crowd-pleasers again and again Go from amateur baker to pro without ever leaving home Feel like a pastry chef in your own kitchen Surprise your partner with a luxurious homemade dessert Impress your friends at a dinner party with pastries that look like you bought them at a fancy bakery Spend an evening bonding over baking with family, and friends, or as a date night Give an experiential gift to a loved one that will stick with them