Dragonflight Yarns

Dragonflight Yarns is a small business specializing in small batch, premium hand-dyed yarn. Perfect for knitting, crochet, weaving or any yarn craft! We are inclusive, disabled, and queer owned! ------------------------------------------------- The original plan was to dye yarn for ourselves as a fun-early quarantine hobby in 2020. As our house slowly filled with more yarn than we could ever use in our lifetimes, we realized that we needed a plan. And thus our business was born! Each skein is an extension of us and we love that something we’ve created will take a journey to become something you create! They are as unique as what they become, and we hope you feel the love we’ve placed into each one. Our yarns are predominantly comprised of Superwash Merino wool, making them both soft and luxurious, as well as practical for daily life. Colors range from muted neutrals to vibrant neons and rich jewel tones. And we are obsessed with custom orders!