familiar sadie

It started as a joke..... Hello, my name is Vanessa and I am the proud owner of a sticker shop that is inspired by my beloved cat, Sadie. As a lifelong animal lover, I wanted to create a business that captured the fun and playful spirit of my feline companion. It started as a joke..... The job that I was working at the time was moving into a new fancy building and I wanted something for my desk that would be interactive and kind of fun. I chose a photo frame with drawings of my cat in different situations from holidays to vacation types. I would change it 4 times a month and my coworkers would talk about what Sadie is doing now. Tell me you're obsessed with your cat without telling me you're obsessed with your cat. I went first..... Fast forward a few months when I quit that awful job, I had all these drawings of my cat in the cutest poses and I wanted to make something from it. I posted them on TikTok and people instantly fell in love and gave me ideas on other ones I could get made with her. So I turned them into stickers, greeting cards, and magnetic bookmarks. Now we incorporate Sadie into a lot of themes and products throughout as well as some merchandise not related to Sadie. With a wide range of colorful and creative designs, my sticker shop has become a go-to destination for anyone who loves to express themselves with stickers. From cute animals to inspiring quotes, there is something for everyone in our collection.