Gingerberry Quilts

Hey there, welcome to Gingerberry Quilts, right here in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta! My corner of the quilting world is all about spreading the love for Eco-Quilting. I have a collection of thoughtfully and sustainably designed quilt patterns, finished quilts, and all sorts of creative projects that'll make your heart sing. I've got a unique approach – small batch inventory. It means creative products are made with extra care and attention, just for you. And if you're around the neighborhood, local pickup and delivery are always on the table. I'm all about keeping it local and avoiding those extra steps to get your quilts to your doorstep. Plus, I'm big on sustainability. I source fabrics from local merchants, keeping things eco-friendly and reducing the carbon footprint. I'm all about those low waste patterns too – making sure every piece of fabric finds a loving home in one of my projects. So, join me in this world where conscious sustainability meets head-turning craftsmanship!