Greenmade goods

Greenmade goods started out of a garage in Nashville, TN. As an expecting mother, Mel K. Wilkinson, CS, started eating clean and eliminating chemically altered ingredients from her daily life. She then started to pull out items in her bathroom drawer and and was shocked what was listed on the back labels. This was the "AHA moment”! Mel left her career in the wine industry and now has a new purpose in life: to make the BEST pure, natural, bath and body products. Everything is made, packaged, and shipped solely by the owner. Aside from running Greenmade goods, Mel is also a Certified wine Sommelier. All that sniffing, swirling, and blind wine tasting trained one sharp nose, which comes in handy when blending signature scents. PURE, NATURAL, HANDCRAFTED. Stop wondering what's in that bottle. We got ya.