Inner Love Trauma CPTSD Tools

The "Inner Love Trauma CPTSD " is a comprehensive subscription box designed to support individuals on their journey to mental health recovery and self-care. Here's a detailed description of the items included in the All Access Recovery Package: 1. **Access to Workbook and Course (15 Episodes)**: Valued at $150, this resource provides structured guidance and expert insights to help users navigate their mental health journey. 2. **30-Day Monthly Journal with Prompts and Group Support**: Priced at $120, this journal includes daily prompts for reflection and access to a supportive community, fostering a sense of connection and shared growth. 3. **Books of the Month 4. **Beautiful Colored Pens**: A set of high-quality colored pens (worth $8.99) to enhance the journaling and workbook experience with a touch of creativity. 5. **Adult Coloring/Affirmation Coloring Books**: Priced at $12.99, these coloring books are designed to provide a soothing and meditative activity, reinforcing positive affirmations and mindfulness. 6. **Shea Butter for Self-Care**: This item, valued at $9.99, is perfect for nurturing the skin and enhancing self-care routines. 7. **Dead Sea Bath Salt**: Worth $14.99, these bath salts are ideal for a relaxing and therapeutic bath experience, promoting relaxation and well-being. 8. **Essenti