Little Sensory Seekers

Hi, we are so glad you are here! Triston and Lexi are the founders of Little Sensory Seekers. Little Sensory Seekers exists to help children learn coping and valuable skills through play. We provide monthly task boxes filled with activities to address fine motor, gross motor, coping skills, self care skills, handwriting/prewriting, and sensory tools. All products are handpicked by Occupational Therapy Assistants to engage your child in meaningful play. We have 3 main goals: 1. Limit screen time- We see the effects of screen time in kids that we see daily. We want to lessen those effects by providing opportunities for purposeful play. 2. Bring families together- The activities in these boxes can be done as a family. 3. Advocate- We want to advocate for the children in our community. Our goal is to help these children and their families get the resources they need.