Saint of the Month began on Good Friday 2017 and since then has curated a box every month. This family owned Catholic business seeks to surround us with reminders that lift the soul towards God. The more we find tiny ways to remind us to think about Jesus and the Saints the more we will, with the Grace of God, desire Him fully. Holiness is not something we should place as a thing we do occasionally. Holiness should be the center of our lives and the great path that we walk upon each day. Becoming a Saint is our destiny and who God created us to be. It is possible to be a Saint and each reminder will teach us that we should seek all that is Good, Beautiful, and True. In each Saint of the Month box we carefully place gifts that become reminders of our daily quest. Many of the gifts are custom made and we have fun designing them to fit each saint. We began with a humble beginning of 9 subscribers and have grown to hundreds since. Our mission is to teach and inspire people about the lives of the Saints. Each saint is different and has something to teach us. The more we learn about what other children of God have done, who were recognized as people we can look up to by the Church, the more we can see it possible for us to become Saints as well. We, at Saint of the Month desire that all become Saints and will strive to reach across the globe to teach people our rich faith which, at the heart of it is it's people.