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Anime Cartoon Asian Snack Box

Taste and experience exotic anime/cartoon snacks 15pcs- includes snacks/candies and 1 drink every month! Get up to 5 anime/cartoon theme snacks every month + other exotics Asian snacks/candies/jellies + 1 drink (Ramen may be added into box if matches month theme) Plus get extra snacks/candies or gift every month, an extra gift from us to you!
  • New Anime theme snacks every month
  • 15pcs- includes up to 5 anime snacks + other exotic anime snacks + jellies + candies + 1 drink (1 ramen may be included depending on month theme)
  • Japanese Snacks, Rare Kit Kats, Korean snacks, Cartoon/Anime theme Snacks, Asian Snacks, Candies, Jellies, Drink
  • Exclusive Anime stickers included in every month

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Anime Cartoon Asian Snack Box

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