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The perfect box for new moms!

Learn and grow with your new baby every month! The Baby Discovery Box has science-backed toys, books, food and more that encourage baby’s development, along with guides for you to understand each stage. With Baby Discovery Box, you can have confidence that you’re giving your baby a head start on life.
  • High quality products
  • Great board books because reading to baby has so many benefits.
  • Food products because exploring the sense of taste and smell is so important.
  • Toys that help your little one get a jump start on development.

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Baby Discovery Box Month 1
Baby Discovery Box Month 1

The first month with a new baby is full of unique challenges. From working out a sleep schedule to dealing with tender gums and tummy aches, new parents and newborns alike need a lot of support. That’s why we designed our Month One Baby Discovery Box—a box of goodies that support and stimulate babies 0-1 month, and make those first few weeks at home as enriching and enjoyable as possible. Take a peek inside and find out how a Discovery Box can bring laughter and learning

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