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Immerse yourself in a new country every month!

These Kits include everything you need to explore countries around the World. Nate and his trusty 70 pound golden doodle Zeus will be your guides. Every month they visit a new country and send your child or teen a box filled with information and items that let you explore the country! 19 countries are available to explore. Developed by educators and travelers passionate about travel.
  • A Six-Page timely Newsletter about each country....reviewing culture, geography, politics, business, sports and more.
  • A selected recipe from our Around the World Recipes.
  • World and country maps, along with Off-the-Grid Virtual Tours.
  • A popular craft to do or product from that county.
  • Currency conversion, virtual tours, country vocabulary and a backpack pack to store everything.

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Backpack The World - Cultural Geography Kits for Kids 9 to 15!

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