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Each month’s box is filled with 5-7 quality items, including fitness apparel, a gift to share, a tasty treat, workout routines or gear, a 30-day fitness challenge (with a supportive online community), lots of motivational goodies and fun extras too. At least one item is sourced from a small business! Perfect for any deserving active mom!
  • ENCOURAGEMENT | 30-day challenges to help you set goals and reach them with encouragement from others who are doing the same challenge as you
  • INSPIRATION | Inspirational reminders to find the little bit of extra time each day for yourself while still being the exceptional mom you already are
  • QUALITY | We take great care to hand-pick only the most awesome, high-quality items you want and will use. A great deal of thought, research, and time goes into each box.
  • MOTIVATE | Share a small gift with a friend, family member, peer or fitness sidekick to motivate her to also get in the workout (don't we all love endorphins??)
  • EXCLUSIVE & COMMUNITY | You'll receive items exclusive to only Actlive Life subscribers and member-only access to a community who shares your similar fitness goals and journey

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