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When did you last aspire to achieve something? It can be as simple as wanting to insert more pockets of happiness into your days, to something much bigger like saving up for a new car. No matter how big or small, holding ourselves accountable and striving to make these changes in our lives is always a good thing. Reminders we set for ourselves serve as accountability partners that truly motivate and prompt us to take action. You can be anything you set your heart to! It’s often said that when it comes to growth, the only limit is the one you give yourself. In this season of self-love, why not aspire to be good to yourself, happy, creative, confident, open-minded, magnetic and so much more. Open yourself to the possibilities of all the things you can be and achieve! Why not do so with the Be Inspirational card deck?

Color your days with the power of reflection and manifestation! The “Be…” paperweight base comes with 22 double-sided inspirational cards. One side shows a word or phrase, and the other shows a prompt to invite reflection into your life.

Reflection plays an integral role in increasing self-awareness, a key component of emotional intelligence, and learning how to better understand others. It also helps one develop creative thinking skills and encourages active engagement in work processes. On the other hand, manifestation encourages optimism, increased gratitude, and confidence. By focusing on where you want to be, we become more grateful for what we have and more motivated to achieve those goals.

In this season of gifts, flowers, and love, give yourself the gift of possibilities, openness, and change. Manifest and strive for goals that will bring nothing but positivity and beauty into your life!