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Product Details

Give twelve levels of Bitsbox all at once!

100+ inspiring app coding projects come packed in one huge box! Includes, 12 Grownup Guides (one for each level), 12 sticker sheets for tracking progress, 2 Bitsbox Apper Keeper binders to store your stuff, separate coding accounts for every learner in the family, and unlimited email support for asking coding questions!

Levels include:

Level 1: Coordinates & Graphics Commands
Level 2: Variables & Simple Methods
Level 3: Conditionals & Screen Interactions
Level 4: Simple Functions & Timing Commands
Level 5: Animation Loops & Collisions
Level 6: Multi-Object Control with find & forEach
Level 7: Arrays & Simple Array Commands
Level 8: Incrementing & More Screen Interactions
Level 9: Logical Operators & More Conditionals
Level 10: Functions with Passed Parameters
Level 11: String Manipulation & User Text Input
Level 12: Hashes & More Array Commands