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Have you tried boozy Jerky strips or snack sticks?

Looking for something different? An idea that provides an unforgettable experience? Try Booze Dogs, Booze + Food + Friendship! Choose between authentically infused bourbon, gin, and/or rum beef/pork jerky strips or snack sticks. Each box includes 3 SNACK SIZED packaged units of either jerky style steak strips and/or snack sticks.
  • Each box shipped will assume a variety of boozy flavors. Customize your interests or make special requests during the checkout process.
  • Gourmet Meat: Premium pork shoulder and premium ground chuck slow smoked with natural hickory hardwood chips.
  • Infused with real booze 6 hours and blended in the highest quality spices.
  • Clean labels with ingredients you can pronounce, no synthetic flavoring, and never any nitrates or nitrites used. Arrives 2 days from ship date.
  • A portion of profits are contributed to a reputable national canine rescue organization.

Current Box from Booze Dogs

Example Pack of Boozy Jerky & Snack Sticks
Example Pack of Boozy Jerky & Snack Sticks

Picture is example only. Subject to your selected quantity & monthly subscription, each box includes a collection of SNACK SIZED bourbon, gin, or rum jerky style steak strips and/or snack sticks. Boxes may vary by liquor type. If you have specific flavor preferences, please provide requests via the checkout questions to inform us for a curated box that will bring you or the recipient the most joy infused experience possible!

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