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Pack your imagination & travel the world with us!

Inspire curiosity and international discovery with our captivating Around the World Preschool Kit. Uncover the beauty of different cultures, landmarks, and traditions through fun hands-on learning activities and crafts. Ignite a passion for global exploration. Wiggle Worms Kits, where play disguises the path to learning!
  • Not just a one and done. Reusable activities and games in every kit your child can play with throughout the month.
  • Video demonstrations provided for every kit. Follow along with us on YouTube @wigglewormsfxbg
  • Designed by educators, our unique playful themes focus on kindergarten readiness by providing hands-on STEM activities, games, and crafts that will spark your child’s love for learning about different countries.
  • A playful approach to learning about other countries. Encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and creativity in children ages 4-6.
  • Award Winning! 🏆2020 - CrateJoy Best New Box 🏆2023- Northern Virginia Magazine Best Preschools

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Around the World
Around the World

Pack your suitcase, grab your passport, and join us as we travel around the world! Each month, we will explore a new country together. Encourage your child's understanding of different cultures, traditions, and languages through interactive learning and creative play. Designed by educators for children ages 4-6.

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