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“欧洲巴菲特” 博多·舍费尔用生动的金钱童话,将看似复杂的财富法则一一拆解,更进一步引导在生活中如何自信坚毅地实际操作。他创造了理解金钱与金融的捷径,以轻松有趣的方式教会我们如何变得更富有,更让我们学会如何在金钱的帮助下过上幸福而自由的生活。

Kira rescued an injured Labrador, calling it "Money Money (Qian Qian)" because it seemed to react when her parents were troubled by money. It turns out that Qian Qian can not only speak, but also a real financial master. It teaches Kira how to deal with money correctly, and changes the wealth and destiny of her family...
"European Buffett" Bodo Schaefer uses vivid money fairy tales to disassemble the seemingly complicated wealth laws one by one, and further guide how to operate confidently and resolutely in life. He created a shortcut to understanding money and finance, taught us how to become richer in a fun and easy way, and taught us how to live a happy and free life with the help of money.