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Curated by a 4-time cancer survivor

Chemotherapy treatment side effects can be brutal! The Balm Box offers curated self-care and gift boxes for cancer patients. All gift boxes were curated based on research with 500+ patients and gift buyers. Our Chemo Care subscription service will send out boxes every month, filled with essential items that chemo patients will need, want, and use.
  • We love the sweat-free ice pack, as it's small enough to stash under your clothes and will not create a visible wet-spot. Great for both neuropathy and tender port areas alike!
  • Our plush fleece throw blanket is a must-have at upcoming chemo appointments. The perfect size for your lap; will keep you cozy and warm with the buttery soft and thick fabric.
  • Hair loss means alllll the hair - even eyebrows. Problem solved with our natural color eyebrow pencils!
  • Ginger mints are the ideal tin to keep in your "chemo" arsenal - they help with that nasty metallic taste, and can help alleviate nausea too!
  • Smells can be tricky during chemo - so we've got you covered on all fronts. Organic, paraben free, and (most-importantly) scent-free lotion to address those super-dry hands and feet. And just a few drops of the gentle citrusy scent of bergamot essential oil on the included diffuser bracelet will help with mental clarity and focus.

Chemo Care is not available, but you'll love these other boxes!

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