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Cross Stitch Crime- solve and stitch, every month

Solve a new mystery every month by deciphering codes, solving brain games, and putting together puzzles. Each box also includes a mini, on-theme, cross stitch kit (assembly required!)
  • Each month is a standalone mystery, with some recurring characters. No cliffhangers! Can be played in any order.
  • Everything you need to solve the case is included. No phones, laptops, or batteries needed. Screen free!
  • Each box includes hints to help you if you get stuck.
  • Puzzles may include some adult themes; recommended for ages 14+.
  • Our beginner-friendly mini cross stitch kits make great display pieces!

Current Box from Cross Stitch Crime

The Frosty Felon
The Frosty Felon

Hazel was excited to attend an ice sculpture carving contest while visiting cousins in Michigan, but never expected to find the body of the reigning champion under the town gazebo! Can you piece together the clues to discover who killed him, how, and why?

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Cross Stitch Crime

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