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Crystal Confetti Scoop

Jump into the sparkle with our Crystal Confetti Scoop Box, now trending on TikTok + turning every unboxing into a viral celebration of crystals! This box is your personal crystal festival, offering a whirlwind of shapes + energies—from gleaming geodes to polished pretties + the raw allure of natural stones. Each scoop is a surprise party, delighting mystics, collectors, and TikTok enthusiasts alike. Whether you're starting your crystal journey or adding a fun twist to your growing collection, ou
  • Step into the latest trend with our monthly Crystal Confetti Scoop, spotlighting eye-catching crystals +minerals, along with smaller, chic gemstones, specialty shapes, crystal jewelry +more..
  • Packaged with care in eco-friendly materials by our team, your trendy treasures arrive in style, ensuring you're part of the eco-conscious movement.
  • Perfect as the latest must-have gift, the Crystal Scoop Box will captivate the trendsetters in your life, immersing them in the chic allure of the crystal world.
  • With free shipping across the U.S., we meticulously choose each item to infuse your life with the earth's coolest vibes.
  • Looking for even more crystal couture? Scroll down and unlock our Crystal Surprise Box plan, where endless treasures await!

Current Box from Wicked Good Perfume

Crystal Confetti Scoop: June
Crystal Confetti Scoop: June

The perfect gift for any crystal lover! This mix will include: rose quartz tumbles, rose quartz hearts, aura towers, bracelets + rings.

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Crystal Confetti Scoop

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