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Crystal Path ~ Just Rocks Crystal Subscription ~ Delivered to your home ~ Infuse your energy

An assortment of raw and tumbled crystals with cards listing the properties of the crystal and a mantra to use with them. Each month you will get two crystals. Working with them allows the crystal’s vibrations to enhance your own vibration. Set your intention in the crystals to intensify your wishes or dreams.
  • Crystals to help clear the mind. When the mind is clear it allows correct answers or solutions to present ideas to the conscious mind.
  • Allowing the vibrations of the crystals to enhance your gifts is a simple way to easily use the properties found in all crystals.
  • Just Rocks is an excellent gift idea. Subscriptions are sent with a personal letter, it tells the recipient what they are getting and who it is from (if you'd like to include a personal message, I do that too). Everyone likes to get "good" mail.
  • Wonderful assortment of raw and tumbled crystals. The sizes of crystals range from huge rocks to small gemstones.

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Just Rocks Crystal Subscription.
Just Rocks Crystal Subscription.

Each month experience and learn about two new crystals. Allowing the properties to enhance your own vibrations can make a difference in your world. Start a meditation practice it works, use the mantra with crystal to add more to your meditation and manifestation.

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Just Rocks Crystal Subscription

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