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Enrichment Wonderland: Where Tails Wag and Minds Boggle!

Do you want to avoid uninspiring dog toys and mundane treats in your subscription boxes? Look no further! We're excited to introduce our innovative subscription box curated with a twist – it's all about enriching your dog's life! Physical and mental enrichment.
  • Brain-teasing puzzles and interactive games, because we know your dog's intelligence deserves more than just a squeak
  • What sets us apart? Well, it's in our name – Pawzitive. With our founder's background in psychology and a heartfelt mission, we're not just sending you a box; we're sending you love, care, and boundless excitement!
  • We understand the importance of nourishing your pup with the best. That's why our treats are not only delicious but also crafted from the freshest, all-natural ingredients.
  • Whether you have a curious canine Einstein or a spirited explorer, our subscription box is tailored to cater to dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • Box minimum retail value of $65 and priceless memories

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