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Elite Herbal Fasting Teas for Immune + Digestive Systems

Elite PositiviTea Gift Box with Loose Organic Herbals in Tea Bags comes with: 1. 28-day Elite Herbal Immunity Fasting Tea supply for your intermittent fasting hours; 2. 14-day Elite Herbal Detox Tea supply; 3. One 15oz enamel tea cup; 4. One cup's bracelet; 5. One cup's lid cover; 6. One cup's placemat; 7. One tea tong or spoon
  • High-quality natural organic herbals for your immune and digestive health benefits
  • Herbal tea for fasting and boosting the immune system
  • Organic loose-leaf herbal immunity fasting tea powers your fasting hours with every sip
  • Organic detox tea supports your digestive system, bloating tea, constipation tea

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