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A lifestyle you choose to life by.

Goodness Boxes is a lasting love experience with your deeper soul. We carefully choose 4 to 5 products to help you thrive at any step of your way to become a better version of yourself. Quality items that you can easily include in your daily life in a bigger than usual subscription box. Each item is associated with the following areas:
  • Physical Wellbeing: Your body is a temple. From what we eat to how much do we move our body influences how we gracefully manage stress. Some of the products are stretch roller, nutritious recipe books, healthy snacks.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Good vibes only is a matter of practicing relaxation techniques and generate positive feelings, such as feeling the weight of an eye pillow for 10 mins before bedtime.
  • Spiritual Wellbeing: Take your self-awareness skills to the next level through wind chimes, meditation cushions, or handcrafted items, among others.
  • Cognitive Readiness: Who could imagine that putting together a puzzle or enjoying a brain game could help us be creative and resilient.
  • Socially responsible business supporting micro enterprises while promoting good health and well-being.

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