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Each box includes: 1 Autographed and 1 Memorabilia Keepsake Card: Autograph cards may feature jersey patches, custom 1/1 art, and gemstones! Memorabilia cards may feature gems, document relics, jersey patches, car emblems, watch dials and more! Each box will include a Keepsake Card Stand. You will find cards featuring athletes from all across sports, historical figures, pop-culture icons, actors and musicians. Look out for rare 1/1's and numbered variations!
  • Guaranteed Authentic Autograph in Every Box
  • For All Ages
  • Premium Card Quality
  • New and Exiting subjects in every subscription!
  • Card Display Included

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July Keepsake Monthly Bundle Box
July Keepsake Monthly Bundle Box

This months box will contain cards from our most recent releases and a chance to hit some of our sale sheet items! These Cratejoy exclusive hits can only be received through this subscription! Incredible value of over $150 retail value.

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Keepsake Monthly Bundle Box

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