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House of Liliths' *Reliquary Box*

Be a powerful ruler of the day and the night with Liliths' most sought after box, the Reliquary. Each month beautifully hand curated and unique self-love and care items arrive in your mailbox! With an emphasis on manifestation and intention products plus monthly rituals, this box is sure to compliment your journey of self-discovery.
  • Each box contains personally curated products from our apothecary and instruction to assist you on your journey to use true Dark Moon Lilith ideology to harness your feminine power.
  • Boxes are specifically designed from each House of Lilith to assist in releasing your inner B.I.T.C.H. (Being In Total Control Of Herself), while maintaining monthly rituals of self care.
  • Collect special limited edition products each month such as beautifully illustrated cards, coasters, and more!
  • House of Liliths' *Reliquary* contains 5-7 one of a kind items and instruction each month based on which house Lilith is in like Anointing Oils, Ritual Bath Soaks, Smudge Fans and so much more! Makes the perfect gift to get your favorite independent girl who loves all things unique and inspiring.
  • House of Lilith will soon be a non-profit with a percentage of proceeds going toward advocation for self autonomy and independence.

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