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Discovering new voices

Two dazzling picture books carefully selected by our crew to enchant your little reader! One will be a fresh hit, a timeless gem, or a chart-topper. While the other will unveil the magic of an indie author's creation - isn't discovering something new just the best?
  • Retail value of $45 and up
  • Crystal is the creative genius behind our makerspace, who is determined to sprinkle a touch of magic into kids' lives. Overflowing with creativity, she brought Little Readers Makerspace to life. This captivating space encourages children to dream big and bring their ideas to life
  • Our avid reader, Joice, transformed from disliking books to adoring them in a remarkable turn of events! Once steering clear of reading, she's now the ultimate book whisperer at Little Readers, a whimsical place where children reign over the world of books, choose their adventure
  • A portion of our profits is allocated towards assisting schools in establishing book clubs, enhancing classroom libraries, and facilitating complimentary activities for children annually.
  • Our magical box is like a treasure chest of joy, bringing a whirlwind of excitement and diversity to our mini bookworms. Dive into a world of unique stories from indie gems to award-winning wonders. Plus, we'll sprinkle in some discussion guides and fun activities.

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