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A taste of Japan in a surprise treasure trove!

Mamoru, in Japnese means "to protect". Our Mamoru Premium Hako offers you a further taste of Kyoto's shrine culture. What a wonderful way to connect with the spiritual and artistic traditions of Japan!
  • Features The Omamori, a sacred amulet carefully hand-picked from the local shrines in Kyoto, & they are believed to bring good luck, protection, and happiness
  • Premium Shrine Goods like the "Goshuin" which are beautifully crafted stamp collections highly prized by collectors and local enthusiasts in Japan. They encapsulate the essence of Japanese calligraphy, art and culture.
  • A wide selection of premium Japanese stationery from washi tapes, writing tools, seasonal memo pads, cards, stickers, notebooks, letter sets & more!
  • Every Hako sent out is curated uniquely and full of surprises!
  • Ships worldwide to selected countries (please refer to shipping policy for detailed country lists). Please also check our emails and if certain countries cannot be shipped, there will be a refund.

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