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Get a witchy box with high-quality Intention items

Our Mystery Witchy box contains 4 items - an Intention Candle, a spell with all the needed ingredients, a crystal, and a witchy powder or oil. The items this box don't necessarily focus on the same intention. You may receive a Protection Intention candle, Crown of Success Oil, a Moss Agate worry stone and a Happiness spell.
  • Intention Candles are handcrafted with crystals and herbs, with ritual and intention.
  • Each spell we send has instructions and each needed item to complete it.
  • Each box will be unique. No candles, oils or spells will be repeated. Occasionally there may be the same type of crystal, however, they will never the same. For example, you may get an Amethyst worry stone, then several months later, an Amethyst point.

The Intentional Witch Mini Mystery Box is not available, but you'll love these other boxes!

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