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Product Details

This make and bake kit allows children to shape their very own erasers! Comes with 12 pliable clay colors that can be mixed and shaped to make different creations that turn into functional erasers. This is an excellent activity to work on hand strengthening and fine motor skills.

The amount of detail and intricacy of the erasers will vary from child to child! Some children will make mini cupcakes, fruit, ice cream cones, flowers, donuts, etc. If your child need some extra help, consider the following:

-Sometimes these clays take a little more kneading and warming up to become moldable and workable. If your chid is having difficulty manipulating the clay, hold in your hands and knead first to “warm up” before giving to your child.

-Encourage your child to do designs that require less steps and layering of colors. For example, a rainbow eraser is easier to make than an animal or donut with lots of little details. To make the rainbow, roll out small little “logs” of different colors, then place them all next to each other in a wide “C” shape. Another simple creation is a little monster creature. Tear off a piece of clay, give to your child and ask them to roll it into a ball while you make the small details such as eyeballs, horns, ears, antennas, mouths, etc. Once you have shaped out the little details, ask your child to gently place them on the ball to bring the silly character to life!