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Helping someone you know after attempting suicide

You can’t tell by looking. You probably don’t even realize that someone might be struggling? Struggling to stay alive and near an edge that you didn’t know they were close to. At Owl & Thistle our mission is to let the people in our life know that they are loved. When we do, we can save their life. Don’t wait to tell them. Begin the conversation.
  • We send you products to uplift and support you or someone you love who has attempted suicide or thoughts of suicide. Each individual product is hand-selected. High-quality. Nothing is flimsy or poor-quality.
  • Family owned and operated business. We want to help and support others in finding hope again.
  • Our business gives back to the community through supporting locally owned businesses for our products featured inside our boxes each month. We also support local charities and organizations whose message aligns with ours.
  • Discover a community of people who are just like you. They too have fought through the moments of darkness in their own life, and connecting with others who share a similar experience allows each of us to know that we are not alone.
  • Connection saves lives. Bringing the conversation of mental health into our everyday conversations will allow those that are struggling, a safe place to share and know that they are loved.

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