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Personalized letters from Snorri

Snorri brings the magic of snail mail in a friendly, fun way! Every month get a customized letter with fun news of what Snorri is up to, educational facts about dogs, the PNW, and more, plus pictures of Snorri and her pals! Experience the magic of a real letter and share the joy of learning!
  • A great gift for yourself, your pet, a class or a kid! Letter's are enjoyed by all!
  • Each letter is unique and personalized, no two letters are the same!
  • Six main topics to pick from! Superheroes, Scooby Doo, Travel, Civics, Travel, Pacific North West Animals & Dog facts!
  • Option to write back for a full fledged Pen Pal Experience!
  • 5% Of Each Sale goes to Center Valley Animal Rescue

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Personalized Letters from Snorri!!!

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