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The Uncanny Box - Illustrated Frights Delivered

Upgrade your childhood experience with illustrated short horror collections by purchasing this monthly subscription box! Enjoy chilling stories with compelling illustrations, and tangible pieces of the darkness you can carry with you. Each box contains objects of interest including at least one piece of jewelry and more items such as bookmarks, art, or wall hangings for a total retail value over $30! Eerie black and white printings are broken up by tantalizing colored versions in 1 of 3 boxes!
  • This box ships free.
  • Every subscription box delivered is a deal with the items contained retailing around $30!
  • Created, written, and distributed by the primary author and his co conspirator. All proceeds support the artists involved!
  • Enjoy stunning black and white illustrations, then revel in the treat of a full color printing every 3rd box delivered.
  • Made for adults, or at least kids over 12. These stories contain mature themes such as violence. Consume or gift these chilling tales at your own risk.

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