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This custom-designed Wooden Goals Board by TheraBox is goals personified––literally! Write down any goal you want to achieve and start focusing on your personal visions and inspirations.

It probably sounds cliché, but visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises there is. Seeing your goals everyday creates a sacred space that displays what you want to achieve and brings it to life. So go on and write down your wildest dreams and visions on this board! What you focus on expands. VISION BOARD DIRECTIONS:

  • Find a calming place, light some candles, and complete a 10 -15 min. visualization meditation to set your intentions before beginning.

  • Decide what you want this board to entail. Is it personal, career, or or financial goals you'd like to accomplish? If you have many goals you'd like to achieve, consider making multiple vision boards for each area of your life if you wish. Optional tip: Rank goals down to date, urgency, capability, relativity – or in any order you may want to accomplish.

  • Imagine your ideal career, relationship, community, future, and so on. The more specific you can be, the better! What do you want? What do you need? What do you value? What is your reason for wanting this? How do you want to feel when these visions become your reality? These are all questions to ask yourself during this project.

  • After discerning your vision and goals, gather your art supplies and create your masterpiece! Find images and words that resonate with your intention to include within your vision board. Utilize magazines, newspapers, prints or create your own artwork to include!

  • Once your vision board is complete, place it in a visible area where you can easily reference back to whenever you need a little inspiration!

  • Have fun with this! Goals can change and nothing is ever set in stone. Change or adjust your vision board as necessary.

Share your completed goals and vision board with us by tagging #mytherabox on your social media!

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