Anchor of Hope Box

A subscription box filled with items made by survivors and refugees!

$34.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.7 of 5 stars
by Liz written last year
Good initiative. Some nice items.
Such a great gift with a great cause
by Karin written last year
I gave 3 boxes as a gift to a very special person, since I knew she would appreciate the special stories behind the Items and also that it's helping. She just received the first box and was so happy ( not knowing that there are 2 more coming) she wanted to sign up herself! I can also not stop thinking about it and will get this box since it's special in so many ways!
<3 <3 <3
by Georgia written last year
I love this box the most out of all the boxes I get from cratejoy because of the fact that it is going to a good cause and the inspirational stories that come along with it. By the way does anyone know how to use the water bottle thingy? I tried figuring it out but couldn't get to work. Other than not knowing how to use that (which is my fault) everything is beautiful and much more meaningful because it was made with love and purpose. Thank you Anchor of Hope for giving people an opportunity to change their lives and for others to help in some way.
LOVE this box
by Angelyn written last year
Got my first box today. Was not disappointed! I absolutely loved my giraffe, I collect them so he is going in with the others. I am going to gift the water bottle holder to a friend who loves to hike. The necklace is beautiful and even more meaningful after I read the story. I am gifting it to my sons fiancé. I would keep it, but I really have one necklace that I wear constantly so I would rather she wears it. I am really looking forward to my box next month!!!
Haven't received my box
by Georgia written last year
Hello, I have not received my box yet I'll wait until tomorrow to contact you possibly Wednesday I just moved so maybe there was a mixup with the post office. But I went to my post office and it wasn't there either nor at my new address. Thank you in advance.
by Tina written last year
Such a wonderful box. And when you buy one, you know your money's going towards a good cause. Would recommend this box.
A Wonderful Box on a Great Mission
by Susan written last year
The Anchor of Hope Box was the first subscription box I have ever done and I love what they do! Having been subscribed for nearly a year, I love how they introduce brands that you can continue to buy the items from the artisan's website. I really enjoy how they send a letter in the box to let you know who you helped this month with the items that were purchased in your box and, more or less, they tell you what your invested money is being used for which creates a nice feeling of buyer's confidence. I would recommend this box for anyone and to bear in mind that the person who is running this box loves to hear your thoughts on the boxes you receive and always seeks to make the next month's box a greater enjoyable experience. In my time with the subscription, I have received soap, candles, an apron, coffee beans, a mug cozy, coasters, artwork, a metal bracelet, an embroidered purse, a leather eyeglass sleeve, a notebook, a delicious granola bar, jewelry, a scarf, a recipe for dahl (with ingredients included), a pineapple shaped jewelry dish, and much more! The variety of items is amazing and to know that these are being handmade for you gives you such a great feeling. Anyways, I love it and I hope that you do to! (:
by Merri written last year
What a privilege it is to support Anchor of Hope on a monthly basis, giving me an opportunity to participate in bringing hope to refugees and survivors of human trafficking. When my beautifully packaged box arrives I can hardly wait to open it...and I am never disappointed. The artisans' contribution makes for a diverse and delightful "box of hope" to be given as a meaningful gift or to enjoy myself. What really makes this ministry special to me is that I get to learn about the person behind the hand made gift! My heart is always touched and a connection happens. I keep the write ups for reminders!! This is s ministry of hope and love!
Classy Organization
by Don written last year
I joined Anchor of Hope when they first started and have been impressed every month with the quality of this organization. Their heart is in the right place, helping survivors in the US and around the world. And their products make great gifts!
by Marcella written last year
I have just received my first package from Anchor of Hope. I am very pleased with the contents and truly appreciate the workmanship involved. I think this is a very worthwhile cause, and I am pleased to be a part of it.
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