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A curated collection of high-quality beads and jewelry supplies for a surprise each month.
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Jun 07, 2021
Lucille D.
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The beginning of May. I ordered a box for a gift. I was asked if I wanted it sent the reg. Time or immediately. I said immediately. My granddaughter was leaving for school in two weeks. Well she left two week later. She is not home yet. (June 7j The box finally got here on June 1st, instead of immediately. Since she didn’t get it immediately, alike one week later
I had cancelled it. because I knew she would not be home when if finally got there
I was told it was cancelled. I even checked my order. I had none. So I’m surprised it was delivered on June 1. And more surprised that they want to send another. It was cancelled.

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Bargain Bead Box said...Jun 08, 2021

Hi Lucille, thanks for your feedback! We sincerely apologize for any confusion. We don't offer an immediate delivery option-- we typically ship on the 10th of each month. May was a special case. We had several shipping delays, which we kept our subscribers updated about throughout the month. You should have received 4 email updates about the shipment's progress. I do see tracking shows that this package was delivered on June 1st (if you did not receive it, please contact us). I apologize, we did not receive a cancellation request. However, the subscription was purchased as a 1-month gift that will not renew-- only the one package initially purchased was shipped, and the subscription will not renew any further. You have not and will not...