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Jan 21, 2020
Jody H.
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For the price of the Boti Box I was expecting more. It was a Christmas gift and neither of us were very excited at the contents inside once the box showed up.

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BOTI Box said...Jan 21, 2020

So sorry to hear this month's box didn't meet your expectations - we would love to talk more about the specifics of where it fell short for you, and how we can make things right! We'll contact you via email to follow up.


Dec 01, 2019
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I bought this for my daughter’s birthday as a gift during checkout and it arrived on time. I was disappointed when it arrived as the gift note I had written was not in the box. Also, the package came in my name - it should have been in hers. This was not my error as I made sure to enter everything correctly and checked twice.
Price: There is only an option to buy this for minimum of 3 months. There isn’t a one month gift option. The contents of the box weren’t enjoyable. Therefore, I had to wait for another two months of products she didn’t like. One more month left to go. For over $80 I could have bought her something much better.
Content: you can find similar Items in the box anywhere. For me it wasn’t worth spending money on... especially since she didn’t like the box and wasn’t impressed.
I would like to let you know that I do not get notifications when there are replies to my reviews (this is something that Cratejoy should probably add) therefore I did not see your response immediately.
Though, I did see the refund notification in my e-mail that you had taken action immediately without my request of a refund - thank you! My daughter was very excited as I was able to order a different box for her. (as the other items are still in the two boxes untouched)
From what I gather of your reply seems that you have several...

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BOTI Box said...Dec 02, 2019

Hi Lola -
We're so sorry to hear you were disappointed and will be happy to do whatever we can to make things better! I wanted to quickly address your first complaints as they are not within our control: 1) Gift messages are a cratejoy feature and are emailed to the recipient, we cannot include custom messages in boxes. 2) The box is addressed to whoever is named as the recipient/shipping address on your account, in looking at your order it appears you've entered your name as the recipient, and her name as the gift giver. 3) We do indeed offer a month-to-month option which is a great way to try a single box to make sure you/she likes it. Im sorry if you didnt...