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First time!
by Krista written Dec 18, 2017
I just got my box today, I ordered it as a Christmas gift. I opened it to make sure nothing was damaged during shipping before I wrap it up. It's awesome! Such cute items! And it came on time! I'd definitely recommend this box to the cat lovers of the world.
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Not a fan
by Jacquline written Dec 10, 2017
Bought this as a gift since the Oct theme was black cat. I was extremely disappointed. The 1 cat toy/hat was a hit but this was intended for my grandma. The shirt was so plain and the pics I've seen online are not accurate, they're super lit up so you can see the design in real life mine completely blended in and you couldn't tell there was a cat on it. Most people don't really wear baseball caps, and the kitten ears are so childish. The coin purse was cute but also very childish. The only thing I liked was the card sent with it which is kind of sad. In previous months I'd seen umbrellas, tote bags, books, wine glasses and all of the clothing was cute and vibrant, so when I got the October box I wasn't expecting such blah items. I ended up offering it to her anyway, she didn't want any of it. 40.00 is a lot of money for items that seem like they're for 14 year olds.
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Sister Surprise
by Jacki written Dec 08, 2017
My sister absolutely loved her gift from Cat Lady Box except for one thing. One of the two glassed that came in the box was chipped at the top making it unusable.
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CatLadyBox said...
Dec 08, 2017
Thank mew for being the best gift-giver ever! We're so glad your sister loved her box! But, oh no! I'm sorry that one of the glasses was chipped. We'll get a replacement on the way for her right away! She should have it next week. We want to make sure she has everything purrfect! :) If you ever have any issues other issues or questions, please feel free to email us at anytime and we are always super happy to help!
by Ryah written Dec 05, 2017
Loved this box a very welcome surprise. It was a nice holiday theme. My cats really liked the toys.
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by Valerie written Nov 20, 2017
I get so many compliments on my catbox items... the black purse and sunglasses, for instance, are real conversation starters. Each month is delightful!
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Black Cats Box
by Kristin written Oct 21, 2017
I'm always excited when I receive my CatLady Box and the first thing I pulled out of this Black Cats box was the Cat Camo Catnip Hat toy and I immediately started laughing when I saw the elastic strap to secure it to my cat's head. It was so cute and hilarious even though I know she wont wear it but she does play with it making a crinkly sound. But then I pulled out a Cat Camo Hat for me. I thought it was really cute too and I would definitely wear this. The shirt is nice with the black cat on this black shirt....hard to see but still nice. And I like that it's long sleeve.That's a plus to me. There was a zipper pouch, cat ears headband, a yin yang catnip toy and the high gloss card. I frame all the cards and they look great grouped up on the wall. The pouch and headband I wont wear/use thinking that these are really for children or young teens but not for adults. I really enjoy each box I get every month but I would gladly opt for fewer novelty items that wont get used for a higher quality shirt that I can dress up or down and get more use out of. I just wish it was geared more towards the adult cat lover. Fewer items for higher quality will retain this customer.
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Such a treat
by Stephanie written Oct 05, 2017
I've received 3 boxes so far, and I (and my kitties) have yet to be disappointed. Great value and always a delight. I love that I can (and do) actually USE the stuff that comes.
Best box ever for cat lovers
by Mary written Sep 21, 2017
I have been receiving this box for a year and a half now and am consistently very happy with it. My cats love the toys and box itself. "If I fits I sits" ain't no joke when it comes to this box, there's usually a line. Once in a while there will be an item that I'm not thrilled with (like the organizer) but 95% of the time I adore the contents and am impressed with the quality. From coffee mugs to wineglasses to water bottles to umbrellas to jewelry to t-shirts, the items are top notch!
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Best one yet!!!
by Jessica written Sep 13, 2017
This month's box did not disappoint!! Mac is SO excited when she plays with her Boinks Bamboozler!! She is honing her hunting instincts and she sleeps so good when we play with it right before bed! The treats for are ameowzing!! Love the headphones, they are adorable!! And the stainless steel bottle goes great in my cat themed classroom!!!
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I love this box
by Nicole written Sep 12, 2017
I really love this box. Always such cute, exclusive items. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
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