Monthly Box for Cat Ladies and Their Cats!

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4.4 of 5 stars
I like that box but...
by Eve written 3 months ago
That box is full of unique and fun Stuff but, i live in Canada. And, with the curreancy, the price is awefull. Like 70$ for one month. Ouch!!! I had to Cancel.
Pretty cute stuff
by Zia written 3 months ago
Got this for my 9yr old, she loves cats, but cant use a cork screw :) lol
Great Customer Service
by MJ written 3 months ago
This box is so unique and fun. Their CS is even better! I did have a small problem with an item I received, but CS was on top of it! Highly recommend this box.
Nice box
by Lori written 3 months ago
The box I rec'd recently had a nice mix of items in it. The bracelet was pretty, which I wore this past Saturday, the cats fought over the cat nip toy and wish there had been two as I have two cats, the tea light and insert is nice plus safe as not open flame, and the box overall was best box yet.
by Shauna written 3 months ago
After seeing a lot of advertisement for this box, I decided to try it out. It is definitely on the expensive side for me, so I only planned on getting the 1 box. However, of the various subscription boxes I have tried, I may have to rank this one as the best. This is due to so much of the box being exclusive to CatLady. I got the Crazy CatLady box. In my first box, I received a cat "tea" and a catnip toy. I would say that those items are worth the extra $5. They are also things that I would probably choose to get for my cats. At least the tea is something that I haven't seen elsewhere. If you like cats, I would recommend this subscription.
Twinkling kittes
by Carolyn written 3 months ago
Love the twinkle of the tea light on the kitties! The cork screw I will give away as I don't drink wine. The bracelet will also be a gift as I don't wear any bracelets! Thanks!
I love this box!
by Alison written 4 months ago
... and so do my cats! I haven't seen the reactions to the toys they get from really any other toys. They're thrilled when the box comes. They "know" it's theirs and love to help me open it up. One of my girls is very picky when it comes to toys and every one so far has been a total hit with her. Oh, and I get some great stuff too. *wink*
by Anna written 4 months ago
I subscribed my wife to the Crazy Cat Lady box back when it first launched and we've been receiving ever since. She loves the human items and our cats really love the toys. So far everything has been pretty unique and well made. If you're a cat lover, highly recommend!
Crazy good!
by Angela written 4 months ago
The Meowaloha was my first box and we loved it. What I couldn't use my daughters happily snagged up and will use in their room. My cat adores the toys and the box the whole thing came in (when you get the toys in the box I think it infused yummy smell). I am definitely more.
by Kristin written 4 months ago
I just received my first box and I love everything in it. I called my cat, Bijou, she came running and I tossed the pineapple on the floor and she immediately started playing with it. The cat ice tray is already in the freezer, putting the cat card in a shadowbox, put the tablecloth on Bijous' round table in front of the window (and under her heating pad) and it fits purrfectly. The tank is so cute but I will change the size in my sub to a smaller size because it was too large so the next shirt might be the right size. I am very happy with my first box.